Association Rule in Data Mining Using Genetic Algorithm: A Survey Study

General Notes 1- The paper is different than a report. Any paper must include the following sections: Abstract, Introduction with literature Review, Methodology, Results, Conclusions and references. Try to rearrange your paper according to these sections. 2- Citation in each paragraph. Abstract – In Abstract, first you must talk about the problem then illustrate the objective or the purpose of your paper and how did you achieve it. Introduction 1- Write about Association rule in data mining by using genetic algorithm not about data mining in general. 2- Try explain what you will do in your paper. Literature Review – In this section, you must describe and illustrate what researchers did in this field. And how your paper will be different than the others. Methodology Explain the Genetic algorithm with all the techniques of this algorithm. Results – In Result Section, try to compare among the types of genetic algorithm techniques, try to mention the advantage and disadvantage for each techniques. – Usually results represented as Tables or charts Conclusions References

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