Asteroids & Comets

Asteroids and comets (both objects) Please include information from a wide variety of sources (internet, books, magazines, etc.). You should pull information from a minimum of 5 resources. Don’t forget astronomy textbooks! Don’t forget images! They truly are often worth a thousand words. Please include images that you feel are important for your topic. For the objects in the solar system, websites on missions to that object will also have a great deal of information and images. Please properly size the images in your report. You can include them along with the text or reference pages of images at the end of your report, whichever you feel is best. Start off by organizing and prioritizing your information. One useful method is to make three piles of information – critical, useful, and that which may not be vital. This helps in making the decision about what you will include and what you will not. The more you research your topic, the easier this categorization will be based on what you learn. Please use Microsoft Word. Your report must be written in 12 point font, double-spaced, and contain a minimum of 1,500 words. Include whatever information, in whatever order of presentation you wish, that makes the most sense to you. After all, you are our expert! Make sure you present all the vital information on your topic that will give the reader a clear, overall view of the subject. Do not simply focus on one or two specific aspects. Including math is up to you – it is not required, but it can often be helpful in explaining your topic. You must include a bibliography at the end of the report indicating where you obtained your information and images. Note on plagiarism: If you quote information from a source, be sure to indicate the title, author and page of the authority that you are citing. Otherwise, you are stealing the words of another, which is illegal (and can result in expulsion from the college). Note that instructors have the ability to cut and paste papers into the internet to identify plagiarism, so don’t even risk it!

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