Auditing Case -Read and create an auditing strategy. (Auditing knowledge required)

I have attached the whole case below. READ THE WHOLE CASE BUT ONLY DO THE FOLLOWING FROM PAGE 14: You are ONLY required to do 2 parts from page 14 but you must read the whole case: 1. Recommended Materiality and 2. Develop an Audit strategy that reflects Response to the Risks Identified. The rest will be done by other group members. Please read the case and understand the instructions carefully. You must have some auditing understanding in the language and accounting background. I can share the book via email as there are easy references to look at if you search through the table of contents. Please read the case requirements before accepting an offer. AGAIN: the only parts required are: page 14 of PDF: 1. Recommended Materiality 2. Develop an audit strategy (all questions) Pay attention to due date.

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