Behavioral/psychod… Polisci 330 Final Exam

Dade College students said that helped them

succeed and graduate is good study habits.

Reference: MDC Institutional Research. 2016-

17 Graduating Student Survey.


1 . Discuss the Cornell note-taking method (based

on the activity in this lesson). Also, discuss 2

other note-taking success strategies you learned.

How will you incorporate these note-taking tools

0 1 in school and beyond after you have read this

week’s Lesson and watched the videos ?

2. What are the principal reasons you take notes?

Il 3. How do you use your notes to identify key

points, important terms, definitions, and

synthesize information as you prepare for study

and examinations?

4. How are you strengthening your listening,

concentration, and organizational skills so that

note taking is becoming an active, valued activity

for you?

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