Biblical worldview

Write an essay of between 1000-1250 words in which you apply the Biblical worldview to a contemporary problem or alternate worldview. Specifically, you will choose one of the following options for your essay: Apply the Biblical worldview to a contemporary social issue or problem. Examples include divorce, abortion, poverty, corruption, sexual orientation, promiscuity, addictions, etc. Evaluate and critique an alternate worldview through the Biblical worldview. Examples of alternate worldviews include materialism, nihilism, relativism, post-modernity, socialism, secularism, etc. You do not need to do outside research for this essay, but you must use the following two sources: Christian Worldview Development. Hans M. Weerstra. International Journal of Frontier Missions, Vol 14:1 Jan-March 1997. Christian Worldview Development: Part II. Hans M. Weerstra. International Journal of Frontier Missions, Vol 14:2 Apr-June 1997. These articles will help you think through how to apply the Biblical worldview to your chosen problem or issue, so you must read them before you complete the essay. You may also use your two textbooks as sources, and, of course, you should also use the Bible. The sources (used for ideas, as well as for direct quotes) must be cited properly, according to the appropriate style manual. As a reminder, consider the following basic expectations for writing academic essays: a clear, focused thesis statement in the introductory paragraph an effective organizational strategy (including introduction, supporting paragraphs, and conclusion) ample support for each point a consistent style appropriate for an academic audience correct use of format and documentation according to the designated style guide (Turabian) effective use of sources, if relevant to the assignment prose free from surface feature errors (typos, spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, etc.) Additional writing resources are provided in the Additional Resources folder on the Course Menu.

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