book review in economic. find a book related to development and discuss with economic theories as follow.

Should include the economic theroies from the following: Absolute poverty Functional distribution of income Gini coefficient Headcount index Kuznets curve Income inequality Multidimensional poverty index (MPI) Total poverty gap (TPG) Gross national income (GNI) Income per capita Institutions Less developed countries (LDCs) Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) More developed countries (MDCs) Subsistence economy Purchasing power parity (PPP) Research and development (R&D) Newly industrializing countries (NICs) Gross domestic product (GDP) Gross national income (GNI) Human capital Human Development Index (HDI) Harrod-Domar growth model Lewis two-sector model Marginal product Market failure Solow neoclassical growth model Stages-of-growth model of development Structural-change theory Structural transformation Sufficient condition Surplus labor Underdevelopment

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