“Building a World-Class Information Security Department”

1. 5-6 Pages – Double-Spaced – 12 Point Font/Times New Roman 2. Research “Building a World-Class Information Security Department.” 3. Identify 7 critical elements necessary to build your organization. 4. What strategy will you implement to hire: Directors, Managers, Individual Contributors (e.g. Specialists – IDS engineer, system administrator, etc.) 5. Will you consider the use of contractors? 6. Will you consider off-shoring talent? 7. What is your reporting structure within the corporation (e.g. CEO, CIO, etc.) 8. Who should Information Security report to and why? 9. How will you ensure proper span of control? 10. How will you deal with vendor management? 11. How will you deal with Regulators, Internal Audit, and External Consultants? 12. What timeframe and criteria will you utilize to ensure the success of your new Information Security Department? 13. For the special topics paper you should quote at least 5 authoritative sources that will support your position, claim, or problem solution. Authoritative sources are PhD dissertations, research papers published by leading experts in the chosen field, and published works from professors. 14. The report should not be a simple definition / description of a specific topic. It can start out that way, 5 – 6 pages maximum, then you must make use of the research, and creative thinking to come up with a new solution to the problem, a new prediction of good or bad, new ideas / thoughts on the topic. This is solid research, which makes predictions based upon sound evidence.

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