Burning the Shelter,” Louis Owens Submit Assignment

For this assignment, you should read Louis Owens’s essay “Burning the Shelter”Preview the document Settings (p. 211-214 in Colors of Nature). file:///Users/libanali/Downloads/Burning%20the%20Shelter,%20Louis%20Owens.pdf After you’ve read the essay, I would like you to consider what Owens writes at the conclusion of the essay: “Unless Americans, and all human beings, can learn to imagine themselves as intimately and inextricably related to every aspect of the world they inhabit, with the extraordinary responsibilities such a relationship entails—unless they can learn what the indigenous peoples of the Americas knew and often still know—the earth will simply not survive.” Think about ways in which you agree or disagree with what Owens writes here, and be prepared to discuss specific examples (from your own life and observations). I would like you to search for evidence that either supports, complicates, or contradicts your ideas or the ideas presented in the essay by Louis Owens in a podcast about nature. There are a number of places you might find this podcast: . http://loe.org/index.html https://www.npr.org/sections/environment/ http://edcc.libguides.com/humanswilderness

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