BUSI 330 Quiz 7 Liberty University Complete Answers

Question 1 There are six commonly used techniques to deal with objections: acknowledge and convert the objection? __________? agree and neutralize? accept the objection? denial? and ignore the objection.
Question 2 The most basic of the three sales management functions is
Question 3 Quantitative assessments of sales performance may be based on output related measures, such as
Question 7 Which salesforce structure is the simplest form of organization?
Question 8 A __________ is the simplest salesforce structure, where the United States, or indeed the globe, is first divided into regions and then each region is divided into districts or territories.
Question 9 As shown in Figure 17¬2 above, “A” is the __________ stage in the personal selling process.
Question 10 About __________ percent of U.S. companies now include customer satisfaction as a behavioral measure of salesperson performance.
Question 11 About 60 percent of U.S. companies now include customer satisfaction as a __________ measure of salesperson performance.
Question 12 The most frequently used type of compensation plan for salespeople is a __________.
Question 13 A selling format that assumes that given the appropriate prompts by a salesperson, the prospect will buy is referred to as a __________.
Question 15 A third type of sales objective that is __________, which is typically specific for each salesperson and includes his or her product knowledge, customer service, and selling and communication skills.
Question 16 All of the following are behavioral measures that are used to evaluate salespeople EXCEPT:
Question 17 Three major presentation formats exist: (1) stimulus response format? (2) formula selling format? and (3) __________.
Question 18 When Jason called the toll-free number to order two children’s books from the Chinaberry catalog, the firm was using __________.
Question 19 An effective sales plan objective should be
Question 20 Which of the following statements regarding the role of salespeople is most accurate?
Question 21 With a __________, a salesperson is paid a fixed fee per week, month, or year.
Question 25 The sales manager told the salesperson, “Your goal is to increase sales volume for the second quarter 5 percent over the sales volume of the first quarter.” The sales manager voiced a(n) __________ sales objective.
Question 26 A __________ explains: (1) to whom a salesperson reports? (2) how a salesperson interacts with other company personnel? (3) the customers to be called on? (4) the specific activities to be carried out? (5) the physical and mental demands of the job? and (6) the types of products and services to be sold.
Question 27 As a MooreChem sales manager, you note that one of your salespeople has exceeded his sales target but is well below his profit goal. The best explanation for this performance is
Question 28 Attributes such as imagination and problem-solving ability, strong work ethic, honesty, intimate product knowledge, effective communication and listening skills, and attentiveness reflected in responsiveness to buyer needs and customer loyalty and follow-up are found in the
Question 30 The primary responsibility of order takers is to

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