Calcio celebrities: A sociological analysis of the most important footballers in Italy and Europe

I would like to discuss the influence of calcio (the name for soccer in Italy) celebrities in Europe and Italy more specifically analyze their economic value to their club teams and the assets they bring along with them. I wanna use cristiano Ronaldo as an example… Along with that look at their social media use (endorsements, advertisements and personal style). And how that affects the public perception of them. Negative aspects of having players being such influential celebrities within society and their clubs. (fans, support, branding, salary controversy etc). conclude with their overall impact on soccer (calcio) and society as a whole. I need 5-7 SCHOLARLY sources.. from google scholar or books etc. here are a few sources I found: Wenner, Lawrence 2013 ”Fallen Sports Heroes, Media, & Celebrity Giulianotti, Richard. Sport: A Critical Sociology. Culture.” (this one is about Ronaldo) (another article about Ronaldo and his influence on who buys what shoes pg. 20, 21) (this essay touches on the effect of social media on generation Z (although im not specifically talking about gen Z I think it shows the influence of social media today,, which could be linked to influence of soccer players because of their large following) This paper is due Wednesday and I need it on time. I really cannot afford for it to be late. I know this is a quick turnaround.. but I hope you can make it happen 🙂

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