Canadian Design with Nordic touch(from 1900 to recent): How Scandinavia influenced design in Canada

The 1,700 word Research Paper will include a Title AND Your Name, Thesis-Introduction (100 words) and approximately 1,600 words of text, You require at least 3 web references and 3 academic journals, or more required. Make sure your first paragraph contains your thesis. (the thesis is included along with the rest of the text in your paper.) Your Research Papers should discuss the makers-designers, but do not give biographical sketch as a research paper. Try to compare later product-designs with earlier examples. You may considered how materials, political and cultural organizations may have influenced design. Try to consider, old and new, conservative and radical, stylistic, religious, economical and perhaps royal influences. * Web sources have been founded for you(please see the attachment). But still, need at least 3 ACADEMIC JOURNALS.

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