Case Analysis – Communication and Conflict Resolution

You are provided a case scenario of a conflict below. You will write a paper analysing the issues of communication and conflict styles at play in the scenario. You will draw on the course readings and discussions to unpack this scenario. For brevity, your paper does not need to repeat the details of the case. Your paper must include: an overview of the conflict, an analysis of the components of communication (as outlined by Hartley, 2002), evidence of the different conflict styles being illustrated (as discussed in class and cited by Thomas & Kilmann, 1977), and your recommendations for this family to move through this conflict. The paper should be between 500 words (+/-10%). It should include at least one academic reference. The paper must adhere to the most recent APA style. It should be written in third person narrative. Case Scenario- Tucker, C. (Writer), & Lessac, M. (Director) (1997). Father Knows Least [Clip from Television series episode] in Everyone Loves Raymond. USA: HBO Productions. Retrieved from

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