Challenge Topic: E-Commerce Product Transportation Challenge Description

Students will perform a literature review (10 articles) on a subject corresponding to the RILA (Retail, Industry Leaders Association) sustainability design challenge. Findings will be reported in a 5-page report, in APA format with a cover page and reference list not counting towards the page limit. Students must utilize academic, peer-reviewed journals for the literature review and to support all claims. In-text citations and reference list should use APA format. The paper will be composed of an introduction and overview of the chosen subject, single-topic paragraphs reporting and summarizing student’s findings from their review of literature on the subject, and a conclusion. Images, charts, and figures can be utilized when appropriate, and must be cited using APA format. The findings from the literature review paper can be utilized in future class assignments. Upload final paper to Canvas as a Word Document (.doc or .docx) and submit a stapled physical copy in class. It is expected that students will review formatting and ensure correct uploading of the assignment. Students will report findings in class in a condense, 5-minute PowerPoint presentation on dates specified in the course schedule. it is a literature review 10 articles total no more no less, the attachment is for the instructions and how it is going to be graded. please make sure not to copy anything from online and it has to be academic journals or research, cite everything in the article as last name and year. make it as a student wrote it. half page intro, you can use graphs and data please cite it. I need it on Sunday the 3rd of march. Thanks a lot! Please send it as a world document!

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