STRATEGIC MANAGMENT REPORT:- Instructions & Guidelines Write a strategic management report in a case study format based on a strategic analysis of your chosen company (Saudi, American, or any MNC) and assess the implications for the future strategy of the company. Concentrate particularly, on identifying company’s current business strategy and change in strategy over time (if any). Based on your case study report you are required to make a group presentation (6th Meeting). In conducting a strategic analysis, you are required to consider both the external environment and the internal resource capability of the company. In analyzing the external environment, you should give particular attention to: The critical aspects of the ‘wider’ environment The competitive issues surrounding your chosen company This leads on to a determination of the key opportunities and threats facing your chosen company. In analyzing the internal resource capability of your chosen company, you should consider: The resources available to the company The value gained by the company in utilizing its resources to achieve competencies which give a competitive advantage This leads to concluding what are the key strengths and weaknesses of your chosen company Your conclusion should draw together the different strands of the analysis which should then be used to assess the implications for the future strategy of the company. This requires you to take your findings about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and consider what these imply for the future strategic direction of the company. Length: 5,000 words max. Please use appendices to provide details of the analyses undertaken and any additional information to support your arguments in the main body of the report. Reports require a full reference list at the end. Instructions & Guidelines As you prepare your case analysis there are a few other points you must consider. · A case analysis is not a conceptual explanation or discussion so do not spend too much time on conceptual explanation, instead your focus should be on how the concepts are used to analyze the case events and reach evaluative judgments. · Always draw on evidence from the case to support your analysis and conclusions. Using evidence without analysis will amount to describing what has happened in the case and will not gain many marks. · It is critically important that if you use quotes from the case or academic texts, you do so selectively and they must be placed in quotation marks and referenced appropriately. While a 10% margin is acceptable after this count, excessive length will be penalized. If you consider it appropriate use appendices to provide additional information from your analysis provided that the key points are incorporated into the main body of the answer text. Appendices are not included in the word count. Writing a case study report How the report should be structured An executive summary The case study Analysis and recommendations The report should present some interesting findings and be written in a coherent way Language – keep it simple!The content (some suggestions) A brief historical overview of your chosen company The purpose of your analysis (Concentrate particularly, on identifying company’s current business strategy and change in strategy over time (if any). Stakeholder analysis (Brief mention) PEST analysis (detailed) Porter’s five forces (Brief mention) Key success factors Resource analysis, competences and capabilities Value chain analysis (Brief mention) SWOT analysis (detailed) Recommendations (strategic options?) Writing a strategic management report What else can you use? Tables, charts and figures to summarize data and findings or when you are trying to compare things Appendices you can use them to supplement the points you make in the main body of your report The reader should not have to look at appendices in order to understand your conclusions References

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