Chemistry Paper

The topic of your paper will reflect new research in an area that we have reviewed this semester (chemistry). This can address new pharmaceuticals, treatments or diagnostic methods or technology. It is suggested that you e-mail me and confirm that your topic is innovative if you are uncertain. You will summarize two ACADEMIC articles and discuss. Why is this research important ? What is the implications of this research ? Do you agree or disagree with the research ? Why ? You may compare and contrast the articles if appropriate. Your work will be 1750-2000 words appx. 4 pages long . This does not include you references nor your title page or subtitles. Your work will be submitted in a Microsoft Word document with 12 pt Times New Roman font and 1.5 inch margins via e-mail by 11:59pm 04/01/2017 by clicking the link above . Please be sure to cite your resources in APA or MLA format . This includes in-text citations. Please be sure to attach your journal articles. Absolutely NO late work will be accepted.No excuses.”

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