Choose a Religion in Dublin, and write about it sticking to the folowing guidelines.

Pretend you are part of a team writing a guide book to religion in Dublin. Chose a religion that you believe should be included in the book. You must pretend that you have visited and researched a place that is connected to your chosen religion (eg: a church). Guidelines for essay: Formal Essay Questions and breakdown (please address them in your assignment, add a title, your name, the module and a date) What is your “case”? (abstract, ca. 200 words) Describe the research process (ca. 300 words) What did you observe? (ca. 450 words) What aspect would you recommend to research, what approach, data and methods would be appropriate? (ca. 450 words); relate to the approaches taught in class. Would you recommend integrating your case in a book “Mapping Religion in Dublin”? Why (not)? (ca. 100 words)

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