choose one question below to answer. The research essay shall go beyond a mere recollection of knowledge, and shall show the reflection and critical evaluation of the chose topic. All sources from someone else’s work shall be precisely referenced in footnotes. A bibliography is required to be provided at the end of the essay.

1. What do you think of the dominance of the Roman Church in the Middle Ages? Any positive and/or negative impacts?
2. Some argued that in a modern society where science has been made popular and the vast of public are well educated, it is meaningless even ridiculous to hold any religious belief. What do you think about such view?
3. The Catholic criticised the Protestants that their protestation1,ruined a once uniform kingdom by creating thousands of scattered kingdoms,2,ruined a wholehearted belief of God among nations by tearing it into pieces ofdifferent versions of belief,3,ruined the single dominance of Popeship by establishing thousands of tyranniesby local monarchies, and4,was more intolerant to their own fellow protestants than what the Roman Popedid in the past centuries.What do you think of such criticism of Protestants?
4. Which aspect(s) of the Enlightenment movement impress you most? Why?
5.What do you think of the slogan of ‘universal human happiness as the highest goal’? What are its positive and negative impacts?
6.Do you think the core values upheld by the Enlightenment movement in conflict with the Christian belief?

57) For this assessment, source a journal article of your choice on recent research about a current social
issue. The study should have been conducted within the last 5 years. The assessment asks you to
critique the paper by discussing the component parts.
In answering this assessment, students should first briefly describe the paper, including:
1. the stated rationale and background for the study
2. the aims and objectives of the study
3. an overview of the research methods used, including the techniques for sampling, data
collection and data analysis.
Then, after the above description of the paper, conduct a critical assessment of the methods
used. This should include a critical discussion of the following areas:
1. the overall research design
2. the way key concepts were defined and measured
3. the sampling process
4. the data collection methods
5. the way the data was analysed
6. the approach to interpretation of results
7. ethical issues
In your assessment, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the methodological approach
showing what could have been done differently and why. Issues of validity and reliability should
also be mentioned.

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