CNA347 – identify a gap in education which has an impact on nursing practice or consumer outcomes and proposal educational tool to help close the gap.

Task description: Identify an area of specialization in the health setting which interests you. From your experiences in the degree so far or from an exploration of the literature, identify a gap in education that has an impact on the nursing practice or consumer outcomes in this specialization area. Write a proposal for an educational tool to help close this gap. Nutrition (eg. the role of the nurse in nutritional hospital care and the educational tool could be: 1) patients educational tool (eg. pamphlet, flyer explaining the impact of nutrition on recovery and outcomes, (eg. Effective on prevent pressure injury, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, some cancers…) 2)for nurses regarding the importance of nutrition monitoring, the impact on patients outcomes, under‌‌‌‌‌‌‍‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‌stand what are the amount and portions necessary for minimum daily nutrition intake, understand what vitamins and nutrients the patient can be at risk of deficiency and the impact on health, what strategies put in place for reinsuring adequate nutrition, patient education, and referrals. 3)a visual chart that indicates the adequate intake of nutrients, eg. protein, veg, grains, fruits, carbohydrates, dermatology in the shape of a plate with the proportional divisions in blank and nurses can paint the amount that corresponds to each section, and by the end of the day have an indicator of the adequacy or not of nutrition. That way is easier to monitor and increase what is missing with supplements or encouraging the patient to eat more of what is missing and will help to guide dietician to plan the meals that cover the gaps) The relationship between each section of the template and the assessment criteria has been shown. This relationship is also shown in the assessment 1 rubric. Word count within each section of the template is shown as a guide. Maximum task length: 1600

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