Collaborative Learning Community: Literature-Based Unit

You have to create four complete lesson activities (not lesson plans) for your content area from four of the five excerpts. If you read the CLC assignment directions, it gives examples from Harry Potter to guide you This is a CLC assignment. Within your CLC group, choose a young adult novel, and design a literature-based unit with that novel as the central catalyst for your content area activities. Identify at least 15 springboard activities, which will allow you to detour from the literature piece into a specific teaching opportunity related to your content area. For example, suppose the chosen novel is a Harry Potter book, and the students read the part when he leaves on a train from London to Hogwarts. This would be a good springboard for a math teacher to use for teaching about speed and distance calculations. A social studies teacher could springboard from this into the history of trains. Or a science teacher could springboard into discussing how steam created energy to move the original trains. Include the identifying information about the novel you chose (i.e., title, author, publication date, and publisher information). Focus only on your specific content area. If you are a music teacher, all of your springboard activities based on your novel will be related to music only. Type the novel excerpts verbatim that you want to use from the book, and include the page numbers. Provide at least a 250-word explanation for each of the 10 excerpts, explain how you would use each excerpt as a springboard into teaching something related to the curriculum of your content area. Be thorough and detailed in your descriptions. Use the group section of the Discussion Forum to show your participation. If your group engages in outside use of text messaging, save your communications and attach them to a discussion thread. While APA format is not required for this assignment, solid academic writing is expected and in-text citations and references

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