Come up with a creative solution to solve a business problem and use a theory of a specific philosopher.

!!!!!DUE 28 OCTOBER 9PM!!!!! APA REFERENCING+IN TEXT CITATION. 1000-1500 WORDS. Use a problem solving method strategy and come up with a creative solution in order to solve a business problem and link it to applied philoshophy theory of a specific philosopher (I recommend: Socrates or Plato). Description of Assignment: The student will have to identify an operational challenge in an organization and propose a solution by using one or more creative techniques, frameworks or models as presented in class. The challenge can be of any type: administrative, distribution, finance, production, customer, innovation, change, leadership, teaming management, etc. The organization can be an existing organization or a hypothetical organization of any type of activity and in any geographical place. The creative problem-solving approach must use one or more (in combination if needed) creative problem-solving techniques presented in the class or related to the course via the applied philosophy theory based on the work and philosophy of a great philosopher. The student shall address the solution with creativity and effectiveness. An introduction to the challenge, the creative solving approach selected, the way to implement it and the expected results have to be documented. Success indexes shall be associated with the expected results where needed, and the overall implementation approach shall include graphs, charts and or tables that can present the architecture and thinking. There should be a clear delivery of the student’s own creativity on selecting or combining the best creative problem solving practice(s). Grading Criteria (What constitutes a good assignment?): This should be an individual 1000-1500 words report, well referenced, that will describe the organizational challenge and the solution selected towards resolving it. The student shall demonstrate external reading and analysis. It is important to critically assess the creative problem-solving approach(es) selected not only from the student’s experience and beliefs, but also with supportive arguments from the international literature, indicating or stating the effectiveness for such management approaches. The student must use tables and charts in order to present the relations between the various elements of business operations that will be involved in the execution of the creative problem-solving approach (activity to goals, goals to metrics, metrics to results, results to next activity, etc). The student shall also use any diagramming technique he/she feels more comfortable with, in order to develop a high-level diagram / figure of the challenge or the implementation of the creative problem-solving process. HERE IS A LINK FOR CLASS MATERIALS THAT CAN BE USED TO DO THE REPORT.

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