Community Management and Organisations Spring 2021

Community Management and Organisations Spring 2021
Weight: 30%
Type of Collaboration: Individual
Due: Monday, August 2021 at 11.59PM Submission: Via Turnitin Format:
Essay question: What contributions can the community sector make to
advancing social outcome? How does the role of community organisations
compare and contrast to organisations in the public sector and private sector?
What are the potential challenges that organisations in the community sector
face in achieving their social purpose?
Length: 1,000 words Curriculum
Mode: Essay
Aim: The aim of this essay is for you to demonstrate an understanding of what
comprises the community sector, and how community organisations differ
from organisations in the public sector and the private sector. Instructions:
Using the reading materials, lectures and relevant examples of community
management, prepare an essay in which you will:
1. Demonstrate an understanding of what community organisations are, and
the key concepts of in their management that are covering in the unit.
2. Outline the role that community organisations can play in addressing gaps
in the provision of social services.
3. Reflect upon the challenges that community organisations can face in
achieving their social purpose, and how they might respond to these
You may choose to use a small number of examples of organisations that work
in the community sector to support your arguments. As these examples are
designed to illustrate how the concepts apply in the practices of community

organisation, limit the use these examples to when they are relevant in
supporting the arguments in your essay.
References: A minimum of five
(5) references are required. Resources: This essay is to draw from the course
reading materials, lectures, and discussion in the tutorials.
: Marking Criteria:
This assessment will be graded according to the following criteria:
Comprehension of key concepts: Demonstrates an understanding of the
concepts of community organisation and management and can express them
Critical analysis: Demonstrates an ability to critique the role of community
organisations compared to other forms of organisational management. Applies
examples from community organisations that are relevant and supports the
main arguments presented in the essay.
Expression: Can express ideas clearly and coherently in written form, using a
consistent style of writing and referencing. The referencing style required for
this Unit is: Harvard Western Sydney. Full details and examples are available on
the library website at

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