Compare and Contrast Christian and Buddhist views on ethics

Compare/contrast the way that the Christians and Buddhists view ethics. Closing with some personal reflections about the question(s) at issue, including your thoughts on aspects of each religious tradition’s views that you feel are particularly truthful and helpful, and/or those that you think are misguided and problematic. The key requirement for an essay of any of these listed types is that one has a clear guiding theme with clear, well connected supporting points. I strongly recommend dividing one’s essay into individually titled sections to help the reader recognize the structure of one’s argument.?For whatever type of essay one writes, one should cite at least three texts that deal with the particular issue, doctrine, theme, or phenomenon in question. These three (or more) references should come from the two categories of(1)primary, sacred text (e.g. the Hindu Vedas, the Christian Gospels, the Buddhist Lotus Sutra) and(2)academic books and journal articles. Any scriptural text is fine to use, but for a good explanation regarding secondary texts of the difference between academic sources, upon which one’s essay should rely, and popular sources, which it should not, see the link under the Research & Reflection Essay heading in the Content area of the NS Online site.] One’s essay should employ at least three total texts from these categories as references, with at least one from each category.The idea is to show both that one knows which primary text is relevant and that one is familiar with what other people have said in books or academic journals about the issue. The essay should be preceded by an abstract of approximately 100 words at the top of the first page just before the text of the essay itself. (An abstract is a short summary.) Paper has to be 1500 words long.

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