Compare two developing countries (growth and development)

Compare and contrast two developing countries from different continents from 2000 to the present. Show their major growth and development indicators and investigate the main reasons for their comparative economic and development performance. Pay particular attention to how they have dealt with the key development dilemmas that they faced at the start of the period.   Some issues to think about – What are the main factors that have driven growth/development or that account for the lack of growth/development? Will they make for interesting and useful comparisons? These factors could include the investment climate; policy reform (e.g. trade policy reform leading to export led growth); macro policy, savings rates; role of government and institutions, employment growth, social policies, how primary resources were dealt with in commodity rich economies etc. You can also use countries which have landed up in serious trouble, with Venezuela being a recent example. It is important to focus on major, longer term developments and not get side tracked by details or short term, cyclical factors You should also consider development outcomes Has growth been accompanied by poverty reduction and a reduction in inequality – if not why not?

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