concepts, like culture and social structure

You must answer each of the questions below in numerical order but in paragraph/essay form. the concepts, like culture and social structure, are to be illustrated in the story you tell through your data. 1) A behavior or event is “patterned” when it is recurrent. Find patterns in your everyday life for example, in mass media use, dietary choices, musical preferences, and clothing styles. Flesh out your “particular pattern” in detail. 2) Where in the society do you find your particular pattern? Connect your particular, or personal, pattern to a more general pattern for a “group” or “category” of people who occupy a place in the social structure: (e.g., the core audience for heavy metal music is young while males). 3) Is this a named pattern (e.g., Metalheads, Vegans)? What are the rules or “norms” that govern a general (i.e., cultural) pattern like social media use, musical taste, or dietary choice? For example, dietary choices may be governed by religious beliefs. 4) Use the Notes and relevant literature to interpret this general pattern as a social “institution” (e.g., “marriage”, “youth culture”, “Hip Hop”). 5) What can explain these patterns sociologically (e.g., heavy metal reflects the symbolic rebellion of young white males against adult authority; dietary choices reflect financial means). 6) To what extent do you derive an individual identity from this pattern? How does this connect you to others and a group or collective identity? For example, you can cook without being identified as a cook (or chef).

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