Connecting Ideas

One short essay in which you explain various things you learn about from a given popular science article, via indicated questions. Full points are awarded for clear answers and explanations and for pointing out how the ideas discussed in class are connected to the article.. This part of the midterm will address this article: ‘Temperature Rising: A Scientist, His Work and a Climate Reckoning” r=2&emc=eta1& [Note: The link may require you to sign up for a free NY Times account.] For full credit, you should closely answer the sets of questions listed bellow: i. Explain the main elements of the graph (or curve) attributed to the scientist in the article. ii. Which discoveries are attributed to Dr. Keeling and are shown in the Keeling Curve? iii. Research (e.g., google!) the latest data associated with this graph. Comment on what you ?nd. iv. What can you say regarding Dr. Keeling’s a?liation to a US political party, and what are the consequences of that? v. According to the article, what was it that most probably caused ice ages? vi. Which is the country that is currently the biggest user of energy in the world? vii. What are key features of any series of measurements that claim to measure changes in carbon dioxide levels over time? viii. According to the article, some people who doubt the existence of global warming claim that carbon dioxide does not actually trap heat. Please comment on this claim. For full credit explain what are (or are not) green gases, and how they work. ix. According to the article, there are legitimate climate scientists who are in?uential in congress and do not see global warming as a threat. They hold the view that…. (continue this idea). Your essay(s) should be 1-2 pages, single spaced, font size between 11-12. • Your writing should be thoroughly checked for spelling errors, and organized in para-graphs corresponding to the questions you address. As per example questions, you will highlight where in the article you are making the con-nections, to receive full credit. • You will include references to speci?c text page numbers/slide notes for each connection, to receive full credit

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