Consider these questions and write a 1 and a half paragraph self-report about your participation and preparation for this course.

How are you doing on participation and preparation?
-What is one thing you are doing well?
-Were there any problems during this reporting period that may have affected your participation and preparation?
-How are you progressing with the course goal you set for Online Discussion 1?
-What do you get out of lecture and discussion section?

-Any other questions, concerns, or comments?

This is is my introduction to class.
My name is …, I am an international student here. Im from Kuwait. I have been here for 3 years and I like it very much. I have many interests, but my main interest is soccer. I like to play soccer with friends when I am free and I also like to watch soccer games. I also like swimming and I swim alot here in California. As I am from Kuwait and that I am an international student, I dont know much about the Anerican History, so my goal for this semester is to learn about the History of the country I live in now. I think that my greatest challenge is that I did not student American Histroy In school, but I will work hard to overcome my challenge.

Minimum words: 1500). You will write an argumentative, documented research paper on a current, controversial topic using the classical pattern of argument and MLA format. You must have at least five sources for your paper, MLA heading and page numbers, and in text citations. Two of your sources must come from the Cannon Memorial Library.

Here is the works cited

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