Constitution- Assignment: Read the Constitution and pay attention to the Bill of Rights and Amendments 11-27.

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See attached grading rubric in each assignment. Read the Rubric prior to writing the assignments.

The Grading Rubric for Assignment 1 reflects higher points due to the length and brevity of the assignment. Assignments 2-3-4-5 use the same Grading Rubric.

Read all the information below:

Grading will apply as to the amount of relevance you place on the topic according to the material posted for the assignment. I do not want textbook material included in your essay.
Each assignment requires incorporating and referring to specific examples from all the material presented and specifically referencing the articles/video material, while also incorporating your point of view that will create a more informative essay.

Example: While (name of the person speaking in video)
suggested that…. or the 30-second Politics referred to….
For the first assignment, an example is shown in the assignment.

Develop and organize an essay. As with an essay, students will need a thesis statement. Students will identify specific examples to substantiate the approach to the paper.

There is a required word count for each essay relevant to the material presented. Word counts must be included as per each assignment.

The Word count can be found in each assignment. Be mindful of the information presented.

Citations are only used if a quote is included, but must not be more than two or three sentences in total throughout the paper.

A Reference page is not needed, however, as noted above, I should see one reference as an example from each of the required videos/readings.

It is also important the assignment is turned in properly. This requires a WORD document only.

If students do not have Microsoft WORD, Read Below:

Microsoft Office is available to all students via the Cloud through your Lamar email. Log into your account and go to your email. From the Email page, in the upper left corner, you will see a  dotted box.
Cick and open and you will see the Word App among other Apps.. Open from there and create your document for the assignments. All students must use WORD when writing assignments.

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If you need assistance, contact me, email is best. Students are required to use student email when contacting me. It is also important to use the course number in the email so I can identify the class and student.

If the assignment directives are not followed, a grade of 0 will be issued.

Only the information provided for each assignment is used, otherwise, a 0 will be issued for the grade.

Any information used outside of the assignments will result in a 0 for the grade

BEWARE of PLAGIARISM. Plagiarism will result in a 0 for the grade and /or for the course.

Any duplicated work will result in a 0 for the grade.

If plagiarism is found, all previously graded work is subject to regrading.

Students are required to read the Instructor Policies presented in the syllabus.

Read the attached grading rubric for this assignment on the course menu.
This essay will include at least 1100 words- 1200 words. Double spaced- 12 font. The word count must be met. Assignments without the proper word count will receive a 0 for the grade.
Constitution- Assignment: Read the Constitution and pay attention to the Bill of Rights and  Amendments 11-27.
Also, pay attention to the branches of government and the powers delegated to each branch. All information for the assignment is required reading, as well as the videos.
Watch the Videos.
Read the Constitution in the link provided. Read the Additional Material provided with background information about the document.

Questions to consider when writing your essay: Use the questions to critically think about the material provided while incorporating specific examples relevant to the material presented.
Develop and organize an essay. As with an essay, students will need a thesis statement. Students will identify specific examples to substantiate the approach to the paper. Such as Article I, Section 8, defines….. Or in Episode 1, the video explains how the Enlightenment period…….Or the added illustrated……

⦁ How does We the People help us understand the Framers of the Constitution conception of the consent of the governed?
⦁ Why is the foundation of the Constitution important to our society and as a country?
⦁ Describe how the Constitution defines American core beliefs of values and nationalism as a people?
⦁ Identify some of the fundamental liberties by the Bill of Rights. Do you agree and Identify with the fundamental liberties of the Bill of Rights?
⦁ Pay attention to the 10th Amendment as it applies to state’s rights.
⦁ Why did the Framers include a separation of powers as to what is delegated to each branch of government?
⦁ Based upon the Bill of Rights and the separation of powers established in the Constitution, what do you think are the underlying implications of changing the document to our country and society?
⦁ What does the Constitution and Bill of Rights offer American society, and has the document led  America from the past to the present as a nation confronted with trials and tribulations?
⦁ What civic values and beliefs are shared by all Americans?
⦁ What would America look like without the Constitution and Bill of Rights?
⦁ Think about why people from across the globe want to come to America. People in the US do not want to leave this country as in other countries such as people in socialist and communist countries.

Constitution and Facts
Constitution and Facts
Attached Files:
⦁  Reading Information-Constitution.docx ⦁ Reading Information-Constitution.docx – Alternative Formats (18.846 KB)
⦁  Background Information-Constitution.docx ⦁ Background Information-Constitution.docx – Alternative Formats (20.362 KB)
⦁  The Constitution of the United States.docx ⦁ The Constitution of the United States.docx – Alternative Formats (40.862 KB)
Open and read the attached links above as part of the assignment.
The links provided are required for students to read the Constitution and Background information about the Constitution. Do not use outside material.
The U.S. Constitution is one of the most influential legal documents in existence. Since its creation some two hundred years ago, over one hundred countries around the world have used it as a model for their own.

And it is a living document. It is one of the world’s oldest surviving constitutions. And, while the Supreme Court continually interprets the Constitution so as to reflect a rapidly changing world, its basic tenets have remained virtually unchanged since its inception, and unchallenged as well. People quarrel over its interpretation but never do they question the wisdom of its underlying principles. Imagine creating a document that governs your grandchildren’s grandchildren’s grandchildren! That’s what the men of the 1787 Constitutional Convention did.

For this very reason, great people have spent their lives studying and interpreting the Constitution. At, you’ll begin to see why. You’ll get a feel for the Constitution itself and how it is that a document that was written over 200 years ago still plays an integral role in our everyday lives. You’ll see the entire text of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence – and much more! You’ll find interesting insights into the men who wrote the Constitution, how it was created, and how the Supreme Court has interpreted the Constitution in the two centuries since its creation!
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