Create a research question using the General Social Survey dataset that can be answered by multiple regression.

Choose a categorical variable to dummy code as one of your predictor variables.
Estimate a multiple regression model that answers your research question. Post your response to the following:
1. What is your research question?
2. Interpret the coefficients for the model, specifically commenting on the dummy variable.
3. Run diagnostics for the regression model. Does the model meet all of the assumptions? Be sure and comment on what assumptions were not met and the possible implications. Is there any possible remedy for one the assumption violations?

49) Students are to select a character from a film / novel / TV show where the character has suffered
loss and grief (either they have lost someone significant to them or a significant part / aspect of
Students are to simulate the first two sessions of this client coming to therapy. You do not need to
describe these sessions word for word, but please reflect upon what would the therapist aim to
achieve in these two sessions, and how might a client and therapist work through the first few
In your response you need to include the following:
a) Describe the presenting issues for the client.
b) Describe how you would engage and connect to this client.
c) Explain your thoughts and ideas around contracting and case planning; what are your goals
and objectives for the client and the therapy process?
d) What theoretical ideas might inform and support your therapeutic process?
e) What interventions would you consider using (please provide rationales)?
f) What obstacles can you anticipate / might arise?
g) How would you potentially work to overcome these?
h) What strategies for self-care might you employ?
Analysis of this client’s grief and loss experience forms part of your written analysis.
In your written response you need to demonstrate your understanding of the theories studied this
term and the realistic process clients go through in this context. More important than demonstration
of skill and technique is your demonstrated ability to reflect, analyse and critique and provide your
50) Social Work Agency Assignment, student scholars will “view themselves as learners and engage those with whom they work as informants 2.1.4(4) Students will be scheduled to give an oral presentation about his/her agency. Students may use note cards, PowerPoint or other medians to support the presentations. This will essentially be a group oral presentation and will be evaluated as such. Any handouts that the student wishes to include will be distributed at the end of the presentation. The presentation should be only be (10) minutes (groups will be stopped if over the allotted time) long and must include but not be limited to the following. 1. A history of the agency and/or program 2. The purposes, functions, goals and types of services provided by the agency/program 3. A description of the clientele of the agency/program, areas of diversity/difference and strengths perspectives 4. The primary problems presented by the clients that the agency/program serves 5. How the agency/program is funded 6. Your impression and explanation of the Social Worker’s understanding of the scope of the services available to them through the specific agency/program setting 7. The interviewees’ knowledge and perception of the role of social work ethics within the agency/program

51) 6. Identify the main energy and raw material inputs needed to manufacture this product and the stage(s) in the production process where the majority of energy and materials inputs are consumed. (2 marks- Marking Criteria: Understand concepts) 7. Identify the main causes of unsustainability over the product’s lifecycle (production, distribution, consumption and disposal stages). (3 marks- Marking Criteria: Apply theory, Understand concepts, Analyse and interpret information) 8. By applying the principle of the ‘waste=food model’ or the ‘waste management hierarchy’ provide one recommendation to reduce the volume of waste or pollutants discharged in the production, distribution or consumption of this product. (4 marks- Marking Criteria: Apply theory, Creativity) 9. By applying the principle of the cradle to cradle design protocol, suggest one key improvement to the design of this product and explain how your idea will reduce the unsustainability of the product. (4 marks- Marking Criteria: Apply theory, Creativity) 10. Identify this organisation’s key stakeholder groups and their specific expectations of the organisation. (4 marks- Marking Criteria: Understand concepts, Depth of research) 11. Describe one major corporate social responsibility (CSR) issue which confronts this organisation. (3 marks- Marking Criteria: Understand concepts, Depth of research, Referencing)

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