Question 1 Outline the different ways in which crime can be defined. What do these different definitions tell us about the nature of crime(750 words) Question 2 Outline the role that discretion plays in the early stages of the criminal justice process (investigation, charge, pre-trial). Reflect on the ways in which earlier discretionary decisions impact upon later outcomes for accused people. (750 words) Reference List; Minimum of 5. This assessment is 1,500 words long, so your answer for each questions should be about 750 words in length (therefore totalling 1,500). The assessment is worth 40% in total, so each question will be worth 20%. Resources: To answer these questions, you should use the following material: 1) key readings, 2) lecture material, 3) workshop Key Reading: 1. Australia Criminal Justice by Findlay M, Odgers S, & Yeo S 5TH edn. Book Chapters: An Introduction to Australia criminal justice, Criminal Responsibility, Police investigation, Expanding Crimes investigation, Pre-trial and Trial. 2. The construction and deconstruction of crime by Muncie J, in key reading in sociology, by Newburn T, Cullompton: Willian, 2009 pp 11-16

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