Critical aspect of the current state of the system

I’ve attached a brief of the project. I study Graphic Design and I need to complete the project where i reconsider the present, which is : -a dystopia -social control systems -that people earn right to exist, live few more days, by having and earning money -that elites keep people in fear of losing the money -core idea behind the capitalism -postcapitalims Reference at least 3 academic texts that discuss the critical aspects of the current state of the objects that you are discussing in the design fiction. Have you watched the movie “In time”? This is the main inspiration for this project, Have a look on the trailer: some more information about the movie: Based on the present I will need to reconsider the future which is happening in the movie and design the artefact which will be needed in the future (i’ll do it myself) Please let me know if you have any questions. (have a look on the brief)

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