Critical Read/Writ/Thinking – 2021SP:53080

sign and use of signs as a part of a sign system. A

sign system directs the use of the sign and thus, the

system always has an effect on the contents of

individual signs. A sign is never independent of the

meanings and use of other signs. Semiotic analysis

uses both qualitative and interpretive content

analysis involving semiotic concepts and terms.

Choose one of the following texts as the main

source for your analysis:

“In Living Color: Race and American Culture” (129)

“Which People?” (141)

i’ Your Cultural Attire (144)

“Gender Roles Behaviors and Attitudes” (150)

“The Gender Blur: Where Does Society End and

Society Take Over? (156)

“What’s in an Acronym? Parsing the

LGBTQQlP2A+SAA Community” (163)

“Straddling Online and Offline Profiles, Millennials

Search for Identity” (166)

“Millennial Burnout is Being Televised” (170)

“Shame by a Thousand Looks” (175)

“What Does it Mean to Look Like Me?” 178

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