critical writing with a short summery in 3-4 sentences

Consumer Behavior You are asked to write an essay reflecting on and critiquing one of the assigned papers of your choice. The aim is to stimulate your reflection on the concepts addressed in the paper. Note that your essay cannot be too simple, such as “summarize the paper–what is the paper about?” or “explain the research questions/methods”. This can be easily copied and pasted from the articles. Instead, what I ask you to do is to show in your essays that you have read the paper, reflected on it, and spent some time understanding the behavioural concepts used in the paper. The essays should be interesting and probing. For example, you can identify a behavioural concept/phenomenon used in the paper and discuss how this concept/phenomenon has been used, investigated, or applied by the author(s). You may be critical, and put forth factors which may challenge the findings or discuss real-life events which defy the results. Note that your essay/critique needs to be well-rounded! Simply stating “I don’t agree” is not good enough – come up with rational and logical arguments. Finally, your essays should address how this knowledge helps us – in what situations of decision-making are we going to use this – from the point of view of the consumer and the manager. Each assignment will be written up in a paper that should be no more than 2 double spaced pages long (12 point font size—you get points for insight, not length). Papers must be word- processed, with no smaller than 12-point font, double-spaced, one-inch margins. It has to be a critical writing about the text with a very some short summaries sentences at the beginning. The relevant text is Getting attention for unrecognized brands. The format settings are very important !

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