critique my year of saying yes Ted {Shonda Rhimes}

Outside Speaker Critique Instructor Name Course Hour word count Date Your Final exam is a paper that demonstrates your ability as a constructive listener. Write a 2-page essay critiquing a public speech. Make sure to follow APA/MLA guidelines because formatting issues like using times new roman 12pnt font, works cited page, double space, one-inch margins, page #’s, etc. will all be considered in your point total. You must use at least one scholarly source other than the speech itself, the textbook is permitted as a cite. Please choose one of the following 3 Ted Talks to critique: -To eliminate waste, we need to rediscover thrift | Andrew Dent – My year of saying yes to everything | Shonda Rhimes – My son was a Columbine shooter. This is my story | Sue Klebold Choose one speaker (not both) in the debate and focus your analysis on them. You can compare and contrast ideas and performance techniques when appropriate but the goal is not to compare but focus on the public speaking performance of one individual. The paper should address the following: 1. What do you believe was the speaker’s exact purpose? 2. Do you think the speaker successfully met her/his exact purpose? Why?: 3. List the three primary factors that contributed to your opinion of the speaker’s success? Utilize class terminology. Don’t forget to use valuative modifiers (poor eye contact, amazing stories, etc…) to indicate the level of success. 4. Discuss the above factor that you believe was the most significant indicator of the speaker’s success. Make sure to cite evidence from the text, lecture and or scholarly citations to support your opinion. REMINDERS: One idea is one paragraph; this means when you write about body language, you should give specific examples of a movement that is positive or negative in paragraph form not form a list of performance qualities. Please remember to proofread assignment, the Oasis might be useful in this regard but make sure to take assignment guidelines with you to the appointment. If you are caught plagiarizing any part of your final exam you will not only receive an F on this exam. PGCC has a zero tolerance policy on cheating and I enforce this policy to the letter. If the Links above don’t work for you, you have a few options you can access Free streaming video at You can look up the names and they will show up.

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