Cultural Competency in Public Health case studies

This case study homework assignment is for an entry-level bachelors college course called Cultural Competency in Health Education. These case studies focus on health disparities related to cultural diversity, cultural healing practices, linguistics, health literacy, and age. There are two very short case studies to read and each case study includes a set of short questions to answer in order to promote an in depth understanding of some of the important topics/issues presented. The chapters Power Points from class are attached and you can use information from the power points if needed. There is not necessarily a right or wrong answer, however, use critical thinking skills, the attached Power Points, as well as the Internet (Google), or any other source you would like to use. You do not need to cite your sources. You may type the answers to the questions directly on the attached word document. Please open the attached document before messaging me! Please open the attached file and read over it before messaging me. Again, all you have e to do is answer 2 short set of questions after reading very brief case studies. There is no word or page minimum or maximum but write enough to answer the questions.

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