Cultural industries and Creative Labour ( Report: 1000 words, and Essay: 2000 words)

Assessments: Report (20%) – 1000 words (Due: 23rd of April) A 1000 word critical review of 2 articles of your choice that are listed on syllabus Essay (80%) – 2000 words (Due: 15th of May) You may choose one of these three options as your essay topic, based on findings from scholarly literature, trade journals, government documents etc. Please choose a media/creative industry or firm (s), and critically analyze and discuss their labor control mechanisms, their relation to profit-making and implications to various workers Please choose a media/creative industry or firm(s), and critically analyze and discuss their labor structure, global division of labor and labor conditions. Please critically analyze and discuss “sharing” economy, political debates, emerging issues, the kinds of jobs and occupations that are created, and their implications for workers. Please choose topics of your choice that pertain to issues around labor in media/creative industry. You need to discuss your essay topics with the instructor in advance. Expectation: Post a minimum of 2 questions about assigned readings the night before each session. Facilitate 1 seminar session based on assigned reading.

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