Dangerousness of having nuclear power plant(Research Summary and Bibliography)

Deliverable: Research Summary and Bibliography You should have a summary (typed, double spaced, 12-point standard font, 1” margins, and not to exceed two pages) of what you found and how your thinking on your topic has evolved. Re- establish your research topic. How has your topic become more specific? Are your original questions (if you posed any in Assignment #1) answered? What do “we” know? What do “we” not seem to know? Who is the “we”? Are “we” geographers or some other intellectual community? Where appropriate, you must cite work from the bibliography as evidence of your statements, facts, and claims. Citations must be correct for full credit. Attached to this update, you should have a running bibliography. It should be in correct and consistent format. It should have at least ten (10) items in it (more is better). They should be relevant to the topic. Of these 10, at least 5 should come from peer-reviewed academic journals (again, more is better), or edited academic volumes, or equivalent policy/industry/NGO research. The remaining pieces can be a wide range of sources such as –Textbooks, Dictionaries or Encyclopedias on a topic (e.g. The Dictionary of Human Geography entry you cited in Assignment #1, additional entries or citations from them) –newspaper articles –magazine articles –editorials, blogs, and opinion pieces, etc. –Wiki sources These sources can be online or hard-copy, but regardless they must be listed correctly and consistently in your running bibliography. You may use these non peer-review sources to establish background and relevance of your topic, opinions and perspectives on the topic or issue, but you must clearly distinguish between peer-reviewed and non-peer reviewed sources. You must keep an electronic copy of your bibliography, as you will be adding to it for the next assignment. We do not expect you to have read each item in this bibliography thoroughly. Instead, you should skim each item—getting the main idea—in order to write your summary. You will read them more carefully later when you write the first draft of your literature review. So be sure to download PDF copies. Style guide For this course, all assignments should use Harvard Style references. This is a very common reference system in the Social Sciences (of which Geography is a part), and reference aides like Zotero and Endnote can easily use it. For specific details see this guide: http://libweb.anglia.ac.uk/referencing/harvard.htm

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