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The project paper about obesity and how data interpreting help us in finding real causes and solutions is half complete as the team worked on their part and my part is remaining… you are required to complete the document titled “Data Final Project.docx” The requirements are as below: 1- Complete the “Analysis” section (Section 3) in the attached report as follows : • interprets each figure in the section in term of (the definition , what’s criteria means in regard to the variables (family history ,percent obesity , physical hour activity ,sleeping hour) and define based on the figures in the same section • The main criteria to be covered : i. Construct reliability and validity which has the following figures: (Cronbach’s Alpha , RHO _A, composite reliability , Average variance extracted (AVE)) ii. F-Square iii. Discriminate validity iv. Collinearity Statics (VIF). 2- Complete the Limitation section (section 5): i. In Saudi only ii. Age range was narrow iii. Years of survives were limited 3- Complete the Future works section (section 6): i. Increase the range ii. Increase the age range to introduce more ages iii. Contact Saudi ministry of statistics to 4gather must recent from there data base General Notes • The current attached paper contains 13 pages, you need to get it up to 20. • The numbers of figures is (11) • APA References, no citation needed.

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