READ FROM THE TEXTBOOK: A New Architecture for a New Nation, 1785–1820: Searching for Symbols of Democracy Appropriation and Innovation, 1820–1865: Images of the Past, Visions of the Future (to “Urban Growth”) Architecture in the Age of Energy and Enterprise, 1865–1885: Parvenu Taste in an Expanding Economy (with the exception of “Industry Buildings and Housing” [pp. 226–229], “Model Urban Tenements” [pp. 229–230], “Urban Growth” [pp. 233–235], and “Transportation and the Impact of Technology” [pp. 248–251]) Part I – Structural & Stylistic Identification Identify two significant buildings, of different styles, from the periods in American architectural history discussed this week and provide the following identifying information: • Name of structure • Date of construction • Geographical location • Primary architectural style used in structure • Architectural elements present in structure You will also need to include at least three original sketches of specific architectural elements as visually related to their location on each particular structure. Part II – Cultural Analysis Identify and discuss each structure’s architect and patron and discuss how their relationship, and other factors such as cultural, political, economic, religious, and social influences, shaped the design of the structures. This section should consist of no less than 400 words in total. Part III – Topical Issue Discuss how the function and use of the structures relate to their design. (This section should consist of no less than 400 words). Project Summary Your work should consist of at least one slide for each structure (Part I), at least one slide for each cultural analysis section (Part II), and at least one slide for the discussion of each topical issue (Part III). Be sure to include many images (especially of each building’s interior and exterior) in your work as well as proper citations in a references slide at the end of each week’s work.

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