discuss and explain what it means to do policing in the advanced democratic country of Canada

*Be typed in Times New Roman 12 inch font, double spaced and with 1 inch margins. ? Contain in text citations and a references page in APA style reference formatting (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association) * Contain a minimum of 5 scholarly sources but no more than 8 sources (the course text may count as one source) *Be 5 doubled spaced pages of text (not including the reference page or title page). Exceeding 5 pages of text will result in grade deductions! Please note: *All answers require that you summarize your arguments, use concepts with precision and use supportive evidence by drawing on credible sources (i.e. peer reviewed journal articles) * Please refrain from using 1st person statements (“I think that”/ “I feel that”…) *Be sure to include a concise introduction and conclusion *Point form will not be accepted *Do not use subheadings * Marks are awarded for overall style, flow, grammar, spelling, and citations, so please proofread your work. Justify Text Do not Double space between paragraphs Do not use contractions within academic writing Dont= do not Abbrevations should only be used for proper titles Canadian Spelling Do not use sub headings Use tradition sentences Do not overuse transition words Avoid using articles Qoutes Short form quotes are allowed as long as they are properly cited Author, date = paraphrasing Author, date, page= direct quote Long form qoutes have a strict format Do not make statements, create a discussion Begin with your point Support your point with academic references Discuss it- why was this relevant Do not leave key terms unclear or undefined Voice Active over passive Use active voice No I or We Not a opinion way Counter arguments are extremely effective; however when improperly used they can be detrimental Introduction Should be short for this type of paper Quick little information on your topic Thesis statement Areas of discussion Conclusion Should be short for this type of paper 5-6 lines A reinstatement of your thesis alongside a quick summary of your discussion Should not introduce new material in the conclusion. APA Format This is not a WorksCited or bibliography The heading is simply “References” No underline or bold Centre Justification Referencing should be in alphabetical Order Do not indent the first line of each entry Double spaced Essay Question: ** By critically examining the frameworks, tensions and realities of contemporary policing. Using one well-developed example, discuss and explain what it means to do policing in the advanced democratic country of Canada

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