Discuss the causes and effects of oppression,examples, provide solutions to empower clients

Essay Format The essay must be 1000 to 1200 words long, double spaced, and typed in 12-point font using a word-processing program such as MS Word. Margins should be no wider than 2.54 cm (1 in). The essay must be written in a formal academic style and must use APA (American Psychological Association) presentation of citation and references. Essay Structure Your essay should have three main components, roughly equal in length: Introduction and conclusion. An introductory paragraph that identifies the problem, your standpoint in the form of a thesis statement, and a sentence or two telling the reader how your discussion will proceed. The final paragraph will summarize your answer in addition to explaining the broader significance of your answer to the human services field or to human services education. Analysis of the topic using your example as an illustration of the main point. Analysis of your learning from the assigned readings for Units 1–3 (see below for list of readings) Here are a list of reading that need to be referenced and used in the paper:

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