Discussion 04: Do You Want a “Ramen Noodle Retirement” or a “Ribeye Retirement”?

A friend of mine was technically able to retire at the age of 40. He had enough savings that he could have lived off of them until he died (using an average age of 75). But, he would say, “If I retired now, I’d have to live a pretty lean life—a ramen noodle retirement. I’m living a ribeye kind of life now, so I’m going to keep on working so I can have a ribeye style of retirement.” Answer each of the three (3) following questions with a minimum of two (2) complete sentences per question and a maximum of four (4) complete sentences per question. A) Explain whether or not you have a retirement strategy and how your career choice helps with that strategy (maybe you’ll make a lot of money short term, but be able to retire later or you’ll work a lot longer, but have a lot more money); B) Think about somebody you know who has retired—what were their best (or worst) retirement strategies?; and C) there is lots of talk that Social Security benefits won’t be able after the year 2033 (see the article in your lesson plan) – are you planning on those benefits for your retirement? Why or why not? Discussion Rubric

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