Discussion 2 (Branches of Government & Criminal Justice System )

IN THIS FORUM I WANT YOU TO: 1. IDENTIFY THE DIFFERENT BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT AND THEIR DUTIES. 2. DESCRIBE COMPONENTS OF THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM AND THEIR DUTIES. 3.DESCRIBE THE APPLICATIONS OF THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM TO THE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT (WHERE DO THE CJ SYSTEMS LEVELS FALL IN THE BRANCHES OF GOVERMENT). 4. DESCRIBE WHAT THE DIFFERENT BRANCHES OF OUR GOVERMENT SYSTEM CONTRIBUTE IN RELATION TO OUR CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM. 5. IN YOUR OWN WORDS, DOES OUR SYSTEM OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE PROMOTE A FAIR SYSTEM AND BALANCED SYSTEM TO THE U.S. CITIZENS? EXPLAIN YOUR ANSWER. I DO NOT want you to answer these assignments with one-sentence answers. Your answers should be thorough enough that I can see that you have thought out the answer and that you can understand the topic presented to you. REMINDER: This is a college class, and therefore THERE WILL BE RESPECT AND COURTESY on the Discussion Board You may disagree, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. TYPICALLY, YOUR ANSWERS SHOULD BE A MINIMUM OF 500 WORDS Remember to give supportive evidence to your position. The higher scores will be earned by students who cite references to our text and other course materials when applicable. To add your threads to this forum select the “create a thread” tab on next page

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