Discussion on two global societal issues also for Final Paper

For this discussion you will address the following prompts: • Identify two global societal issues from the following list that you would consider researching further for your Week Five Final Argumentative Essay (I will also want to hire the writer who writes this 250 word essay for me to write my final paper which is 5-7 pages): adult illiteracy, funding for General Education vs STEM in primary and secondary schools, minimum wage, oceans desertification, overcoming the digital divide, refugee (escaping persecution, war, or death) crises, species extinctions (modern), tax havens, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), universal statement of human rights (pick one), airport security, or wealth disparity. • Describe effective methods you used in identifying and narrowing down to just one of the two topics to further research for your final essay. • Explain three ways you can critically analyze sources to determine if they are scholarly and credible. • For one of the topics chosen, summarize information from at least two peer-reviewed journal articles from the Ashford University Library that will support your claims. • Explain why scholarly sources should be used to support your writing on the selected topic. • Download and attach a PDF copy of one of the peer-reviewed scholarly articles that you found from the Ashford University Library to your answer using the “Attach” function located below your response. • This post should be at least 250 words in length, which should include a thorough response to each prompt. MUST PROVIDE “in-text citations” of applicable required reading materials and/or any other outside sources you use to support your claims. Provide full reference information of all sources cited at the end of your response. Please use correct APA format when writing in-text citations Sample of Final Paper is attached also, because this post must be the intro for this final paper. Also attached is the APA Reference List Sample that instructor gave us I have also attached the instructions for this assignment with thorough instructions. There are two websites that you must go to and MUST USE “in-text” citations in this 250 word essay intro for my final paper.

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