Do you believe social media is more harmful or more helpful to young adults today? Why?

This assignment must be typed in Word using MLA format. You may use first person, but avoid overuse of “I” statements. The minimum length for this essay is 1.5 pages. The Writing Task: It is important to have a comfort level with building basic arguments before we move onto more in-depth essay writing. This week, I would like you to choose ONE of the prompts below to respond to in a simple 5 paragraph essay. You should have a clear, identifiable argumentative thesis statement as the last sentence of your Introduction, with 3 body paragraphs that each focus on a supporting reason in defense of your main claim. You should not use any outside sources or research for this essay, just your own commentary. You can make up statistics or use hypothetical stories to help make your points if you want to. The point here is to show me that you understand the organizational techniques that were discussed in the 1302 Week 1 Notes PowerPoint more so than to “go deep” into the research on the issue. You do not need a Works Cited page for this assignment.

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