Do you feel the federal marijuana laws should be changed?

Since Colorado and Washington legalized recreational marijuana in late 2012 many other states have followed suit. Even in states where recreational marijuana has not been legalized (Connecticut and Maryland for example) it has been decriminalized (meaning penalties for possession up to a certain amount has been reduced to a simple fine). Since 2012 nine states total have legalized recreational marijuana and many other states have legalized and/or softened their laws on both medical marijuana and marijuana possession. But, as you may know, marijuana possession is still illegal under federal law. Currently, neither recreational or medical marijuana is legal under US law. The question here not only has implications on drug legalization, societal impacts, but on the challenges of federalism itself. For example, if I own a marijuana dispensary in Colorado how would I go about filing my federal tax return? Or, if two companies exchange medical marijuana from two states where it is legal, how would the federal government go about policing that activity? Would it be worth using valuable (and limited) resources prosecuting marijuana violations considering so many states are either making legal, or at the very least, decriminalizing it? Paper Assignment Question: Do you feel the federal marijuana laws should be changed? If “yes”, how so and why? Some other questions you may want to ponder are: Is there any societal consequences if it is federally legalized? What if the US legalizes marijuana but many states do not? If “no”, then please elaborate on the consequences and challenges of maintaining the status quo.

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