Do you think that the producer’s behavior in Bachelor TV show is morally permissible?

In 2017, CNN obtained a copy of the contact signed by contestants in the Bachelor (a reality TV show). The contract stipulates that contests agree that producers are not liable for any injuries that occur during filming, including emotional distress, contracting an STD, and being subjected to “unlawful/unwelcome contact among participants.” Recently, former contestants are speaking out about the various ways in which producers manipulate contestants. Producers have been said to intentionally deprive contestants of sleep, encourage them to drink alcohol without giving them food, even track contestants’ menstrual cycles to ensure dramatic interviews. Using the information given Chapter 6, explain why the contract signed by contestants legally protect the producers of The Bachelor? If an action is legal, does this make it morally permissible? Do you think that the producer’s behavior is morally permissible?

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