Econ 3353 – Paper Assignment

Econ 3353 – Paper Assignment
Your job is to summarize a special report from The Economist published in last 3 years (2020, 2019, or 2018). The
special report you choose must be about globalization, trade, or any international issue. If you’re not sure, choose a
report and email me. To get started, do the following:
1. Visit and scroll through the special reports, choose one
report about globalization, trade, or any international issue.
2. Read every article in the report. If you don’t have a subscription to The Economist, then you’ll only be able
to access a few articles a week. This is why it is crucial to start printing and reading the articles in the report
as early as possible.
3. Write the paper as follows: Your paper should have three sections: Introduction, Summary and Analysis and
should be 1500 words (that’s about 5 pages).
1 Introduction
In the Introduction (150 words) you should outline the importance of the topic and what issues the report talks
Introduce the report (title, date of publication, and publication title) and provide a brief motivation of why
this is an important or timely report. Why is this interesting not only to economists, but to individuals, or
institutions? Discuss the big picture and the report’s general direction or opinion on the matter.
2 Summary
In the Summary section (1200 words), you should summarize your reading of the articles included in the report.
Keep in mind that the purpose of a summary is to accurately and objectively describe the main points and
important details of the reading to your audience who has not read the piece. Your audience for this assignment
is your instructor and your classmates. Although your readers are familiar with basic economic theory, they
may not be familiar with your topic. Therefore, you should economic jargon, theories and language without
defining every concept as long as you’ve heard about the concept in class. But if a concept was new to you then
it will be new to your classmates, so you should define it clearly. Mention statistics that you find relevant to
make a point.
Don’t mention anything that you think about the articles or your thoughts and feelings on the subject. A
purpose of the summary is to distill important information and details to the audience.
The key to writing a good summary is to understand what you’re writing about. Therefore, plan on reading
every article more than once. Make sure as you read the text to highlight important information, and write down
the main points of each section. You must write in your own words and paraphrase the reporter’s statement.
Please do not use quoted text. State the ideas concisely and avoid unnecessarily wordy or expressions, repetition,
words that mean more or less the same thing.
3 Analysis
In the Analysis section (150 words), you should mention any updates that have taken place since the report was
published. Discuss any angle the report might have excluded or any conclusions that were different that theory
might predict.

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