Economic Consequences of Transport Improvements

Submit a maximum 550 word page (double-spaced) written summary of the attached article that is related to the course materials, topics, and concepts. ? The summary must be related to the course materials, topics, and concepts, and enable you to reflect critically on course material ? Make sure you introduce the topic and the concept ? The relationship of the article to course materials should be demonstrated in the written report (with appropriate citations, include the references too). ? Article relates to the concepts, themes, and topics in the course articles read (that is the course materials), thereby enabling you to reflect critically and in-depth on the course materials. ? The relationship of the article to the course materials should be: Demonstrated in your summary paper using citations, as well as, provide the relevant references (works cited) in the appropriate writing style format (i.e. APA or MLA,) ? Make sure to follow the instructions accurately and precise ? Create a critical analysis of the article to the reading material Note: ? Be sure that the name of the publisher, author(s), and date of publication is on the copy of the article, and that any unrelated text, adverts, or materials to the selected article text are deleted) Write it as if the person who will be reading it is a student who is NOT in the class.

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