Elder Abuse: Prevalence, Consequence and Prevention

Elder Abuse: Prevalence, Consequence and Prevention (CONCENTRATE ON THE VICTIM ASPECT) In this paper I will talk about the prevalence of Elder abuse a domestic setting, concentrating mainly on the financial aspect. I will look at the different forms of Elder abuse and the parameters of financial abuse. What are the motivations of perpetrators towards the elderly. Finally, Why the elderly are targets and how can they prevent becoming victims of abuse. Each assignment will include the following in terms of formatting: • Cover page with your name, title of the article, a running header with the first three words of your title. • Abstract that contains the copy of the question for that week’s journal question. • The body of your response which should be four (9) pages in length. • Reference section with at least FIVE references. Note the textbook can count as a reference, and at least 1 PEER REVIEW ARTICLE. However, DO NOT cite the dictionary, encyclopedia or Wikipedia in your paper. • 12’ Times Roman font needs to be used. o Papers need to be double spaced o 1’ margins

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