Elvis Presley – How His Music Created Social and Cultural Change

“Over the course of the entire semester, honors students will complete a research project. The research may be on an original topic or may be a critical response to existing academic work. The final paper should be between 10 and 12 pages (double spaced), citing at least TEN sources (using correct citation), and will be evaluated based on the clarity of writing, proper academic language and vocabulary, support of the thesis, and demonstration of creativity and insight.” The artist I have chosen to write about is Elvis Presley. Elvis has broken social and racial barriers throughout his career, ushering in a whole new era of American music and popular culture. Why was he regarded as one of the most influential and significant cultural icon of the 20th century? What was his music like? How did it affect others during his era? Talk about his music, impact, etc.Focus mainly on HOW Elvis was one of the most influential and significant cultural icon of the 20th century, HOW Presley inspired and influenced popular culture, rock n’ roll, cinema, future musicians, and more, HOW Elvis changed much more than the entertainment industry in the United States, HOW he brought sexuality into the open, American society was teriffed and fearful of the possibility that moral values could be changing, and HOW Elvis did that, How Elvis was revolutionary as he re-defined music and challenged social and moral values of the time. These are just some examples to match the prompt. Basically, my professor is asking for make connections to Elvis’s musical impact. Also, just a reminder to cite at least 10 sources and add footnotes. it is suppose to be in Chicago Style (I’ve never used this style before). That’s why there should be footnotes. It is December 12th and currently 2:10 am right now for me. My class will begin at 11:30 am. My paper will be due then. Not much time left, but my old writer will not be able to submit a final draft in for me… Hence, I am making a new offer. Please help only if you are serious. THANK YOU!

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